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一.主语从句的翻译。<br>通常按顺序翻译,it 可以放在后面 <br>1. what has happened is no surprise to us. we all know well enough what he is.对这种事情我们已不足为奇,我们都很清楚地知道他的为人<br>2. whatever he says is reliable.他说的都是可信的<br>3. the king declared, “whoever makes my daughter laugh shall marry her.”能把我女儿逗乐的就能和她结婚,娶她为妻<br>4. whether we did or did not choose to carry them was up to us. 我们是否带他走,这由我们自己决定<br>5. it’s a bit fishy that he should have given away a gift like that.他竟然把这样的一份礼物送掉,令人生疑。<br>give away 表示送掉,丧失,出卖,泄露消息,give away her daughter 嫁出去<br> was natural that now the conversation turned to the tragic events that had taken place there a month ago .现在把话题转到一个月以前发生的惨案上,这就变成了很自然的事。<br>7. it seemed incredible that thirty hours ago he had never set eyes on any of those children. 30个小时以来他一直没有留意到那些小孩,这是难以置信的、。<br>8. it’s a pity that you live at such a distance. 很遗憾你住得这么远<br>9. it is clear that she has some great sorrow. 很明显她非常悲痛<br>10. it’s possible that he is the man who followed sir henry in london. 很可能他就是在伦敦追踪亨利爵士的人。这里的sir 表示 爵士<br>11. it was clear that he was going to meet miss carr and wanted to be alone. 很明了他是要去见卡尔小姐,并且是独自一人去<br>二. 宾语从句的翻译。<br>1. i don’t know what you did that for.我不知你为何这么做<br>2. a principle of science tells what usually happens under certain conditions. 科学原理告诉我们在特定环境下常常会发生什么 <br>3. i think it true that he ventured out to sea.我觉得他真的出海探险了<br>4. i wanted to make it clear whether he was a foreigner or not.我想知道他是不是个歪果仁<br>5. i took it for granted that he would sign the document. 我理所当然地认为他理应签署这份文件<br>6. i replied that they had never brought up the subject in conversation. 我回答说,在谈话中,他们从没有提到这个问题<br>7. she had explained that interviews were the only way to recruit suitable employees. 她解释说,面试是招聘合适员工的

唯一途径<br>8. he commented wryly that he had heard quite a bit about me. 他面无表情地说,关于我的情况他所知甚多<br>9. he began, “well, i guess things don’t look very good at all.” 他开始说,“嗯,我想事情看起来一点也不好。 <br>10. i am sorry i wrote that i might quit school in the letter. 很抱歉我在信中写道我可能退学<br>commencement ceremony 毕业,<br> leave school放学或者退学<br>11. she kissed the necklace as she put it on, and vowed she would never, never part with it. <br>12. 她吻了一下项链,把它带在身上,并发誓说,她将永远把它保存好。<br>三. 表语从句的翻译。<br>1. the fact is that the old lady believed rebecca to be the meekest creature in the world. 事实上,老太太认为丽贝卡是最温顺的人<br>meekest 温顺的,这里creature指的是人<br>2. “if i have seen farther than other man, it is because i have stood on the shoulders of giants.” (isaac newton) 如果说我比其他人看得远,那是因为我站在先辈们的肩膀上<br>3. that is why the machine parts wear away during use. 这就是机器零件在使用中磨损的原因<br>四. 同位语的翻译。<br>同位语从句汉译英时不提前,而且经常加“即”“以为”,“ 。。。的事实是,,,,,的。”或者破折号<br>1. we know the fact that the earth is one of the planets in the solar system. 我们知道地球是太阳系的行星之一<br>2. the meeting was to take place at a hotel, the park hotel on nanjing road. 会议在南京路帕克(公园)酒店内举行<br>



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