The Summer Palace in Haidian district presents a stunning picture in winter, with its natural landscape of hills and open water. It features

pavilions, halls, palaces, temples and bridges. It is the largest existing and the best-preserved royal garden in China and boasts one of the biggest venues for ice skating in the capital.

海淀区的颐和园在冬天呈现出一幅令人惊叹的画面,它有着山峦和开阔水域的自然景观。它以亭台楼阁、大厅、宫殿、寺庙和桥梁为特色。它是中国现存最大、保存最完好的皇家花园,也是首都最大的滑冰场地之一。这段话中The Summer Palace的意思是颐和园。

The Yuanmingyuan Park, about 15 minutes drive away, is a good way to delve further into the city’s imperial past. Serving several emperors, it inherited the 3,000-year-old tradition of Chinese royal gardens.


French and British imperial troops captured the palace in October 1860 and destroyed it, looting its contents. Modern technology has virtually “restored” bustling scenes of a special 19th-century maimaijie, or “buying and selling street”, a

theatrical version of a place where Qing-dynasty emperors would visit if they wanted to experience a moment in the lives of the common people.




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