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friends, do you have a similar experience that we are in a tea shop, wanna buy some teas, while looking at the massive teas, have no idea which one to buy? or sometimes the tea we bought tastes totally different from what we drank in the shop. in those cases, what do you want to do? to be an expert, or to ask one expert! and the expert is the tea sommelier, 茶艺师 in chinese.


茶艺师 in china is literally translated as a tea art specialist or tea art master. however, such an expert should be called tea sommelier from the west perspective.

茶艺师在中国被直译为 tea art specialist(茶艺专家) or tea art master(茶艺大师)。但事实上,从西方的视角出发,茶艺师应该被译为tea sommelier,直译为中文为侍茶师。

what is a tea sommelier?


firstly, let’s understand what is a sommelier. a sommelier is a restaurant wine steward, accredited through professional organizations like the court of master sommeliers or the wine and spirit education trust.


as a result, a certified tea sommelier is a trained professional who has expertise in tea.



in canada,a tea sommelier is a trained and knowledgeable tea professional who has successfully completed the eight modules in the tac tea sommelier/? course at a college or online(training school), and passed the tea and herbal association of canada certification examination.[1]


tea sommeliers are basically tea experts. in the uk, they classify tea sommelier at different levels until reaching the tea master. for example,the level 2 tea sommelier course provides greater detail than the level 1 course and supports the next steps in career and business to the professional tea sommelier. [2]


tea sommelier was obviously inspired by wine. the term ‘tea sommelier’ (or t-somm for short) was born in 1998, at heartbeat restaurant in the w hotel in new york city.[3]

tea sommelier 这个术语很明显起源于法国葡萄酒行业。但在美国,这个术语最早出现在1998年,诞生于位于纽约的一个名叫心跳的餐厅。

how to become a tea sommelier?


tea sommelier is a professional, not the common tea servant in the shop or tea house. most agricultural universities offer the major of tea science at different degrees, from bachelor, master, to ph.d, even post ph.d.



of course, not everyone is able to finish such a major, you may attend this training course in some vocational school. however, the current course of tea sommelier only simply focus on tea brew methods or tea courtesy, which is not enough, as a result, we offer 3 or 4 months courses, including professional knowledge in theory,practice abilities in &appreciating a good cup of tea, evaluating&tasting and tea aesthetics.


my dear friends, no matter which course you attend, that only opens a door for you. being a tea sommelier is a life-long studying journey and a pleasant process.


chinese tea art, the best gift for you in 2020. this is mabol, thanks for listening, see you soon.



sommelier /s??m?lje?/

– noun名词

– a wine waiter 侍酒师

– 例句:the term tea sommelier originates in france, started to gain its popularity in the early 21st century. 茶艺师的术语来源于法国,但到本世纪初才开始流行。


[1]tea and herbal association of canada

[2]uk tea academy

[3] american specialty tea alliance

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