the importance of preventing infectious diseases

in recent years, the global epidemic situation of infectious diseases is very serious. although the incidence of many infectious diseases has decreased significantly, infectious diseases are still the main threat to human health in the world.this year’s covid-19 pandemic, for example, killed thousands of people. i have to say that prevention and control of infectious diseases are very important. first, with globalization, the world is now a village. if there is an infectious disease, it will spread to every corner of the world very quickly. secondly, infectious diseases are highly contagious and spread quickly, posing a serious threat to people’s health and life safety. finally, infectious diseases, once widespread, can overwhelm health systems and affect other basic systems. if not prevented, it will have a serious impact on the stability of the whole society. so we need to prevent and control infectious diseases and reduce their impact on people’s health and society.

【第三场】climate change


as an increasing number of natural resources have been overused, climate change becomes a heatedly debated issue around the world. no wonder there are several consequences resulting from this phenomenon. one of the influences is millions of people suffer the heavy floods and droughts, as well as the deforestation and desertification. well, making a living becomes tough in this situation, especially for those living on agriculture. another impact is that transportation may come to a standstill, because bad weathers definitely cause flight delay and traffic jams.

measures should be taken immediately. firstly, it is advisable that the authority enact related rules to limit the needless consumption and illegal acts. in addition, each one should enhance the environmental awareness and within our power do something beneficial. for example, we can carry around a canvas bag each time to replace plastic ones, eliminating white pollution. only when all unit as one can we prevent the whole world from worse situation.



promote life skills for middle school students

education is about giving people the opportunity to develop their potential, their personality and their strengths. this does not merely mean learning new knowledge,but also developing abilities to make the most of life. these are called life skills– including the inner capacities and the practical skills. we need to increase our life skills at every stage of life, especially the secondary education when students are in the stage of building their personality.

for one thing, practical life skills are the kinds of manual skills the middle students need for the physical tasks they face. these are skills which are often available to middle school students leaving school. for another, in today’s world all these skills are necessary, in order to face rapid change in society. they need to know how to cope with the flood of information and turn it into useful knowledge. they also need to learn how to handle changes in society and in their own lives.

in conclusion, the middle school students should recognize the importance of life skills–both practical and psycho-social—as part of education which leads to the full development of human potential and to the development of society.



as the pace of urbanization speeds up, a host of large communities have been formed, especially in metropolis. therefore, organizing appropriate community activities becomes particularly vital. for one thing, given that we are occupied with work and rarely go out, the activities can provide us opportunities to chat or interact with neighbors and reduce unnecessary conflicts. for instance, community staff can hold parents-child campaigns, in which children make new friends and parents share their experience about raising a child. for another thing, community activities affect positively in various aspects, which not only enrich our daily life, but provide physical and mental benefits. communities, coupled with hospitals, offer door-to-door service such as physical examination to the elderly, thus guaranteeing their health condition. all in all, contemporary society should concentrate on community activities, which aim to bring benefits to residents.




terms of current depressed economic situation and potential risk, saving certain money seems to be agreed widely. the primary reason is to avoid short-term financial burden. when laid off or suffering from accidents and sickness, citizens have to take out sufficient money in order to go through the storm.

on this condition, the money saved in advance matters a lot. besides, after retiring, the elderly need abundant material resources to support themselves, so accumulating almost half of their salary from adulthood plays a significant role. generally speaking, it is necessary to make budgets at the start of a month, which ensures that they can not only live a better life, but collect plenty of money.

all in all, having a plan and following the schedule can do nothing but help you out in the long run.




what do you think of plastic surgery?

nowadays, more and more people tend to have a plastic surgery. people want to become more beautiful and attractive and keep their youth for a longer time. however, while people keen on improving their appearance, they are more likely to neglect the potential dangers behind plastic surgery.

for one thing, driven by the money, some hospitals and doctors make exaggerating advertisements to attract people’s attention, even cheat them. the fact is that they do not have those high technologies. we can not imagine how dangerous to the patients if their doctors are not professional enough. besides, there are many people whose body are sensitive and are under the great risks of infections and complications, even death. for another, the

sufferers have to bear the curious looks from their friends and acquaintances after the operation. sometimes, they themselves also have psychological problems for they think they are not real beauties, but artificial beauties.

to sum up, in some extents, plastic surgery plays a positive role in our society , but we should never neglect those side effects i mentioned above. there are nothing wrong for one to pursue beauty, what we should do is to choose an appropriate method to achieve this goal and cherish what we have now.



getting along well with others is an essential capacity for every individual in our daily lives especially in such a competitively fierce society. to do it well, some vital factors should be taken into consideration.

first and foremost, we should be honest to the people contacted with. as far as i am concerned, honesty is one of the most valuable personality in human beings. it makes us feel comfortable and sincere when we get along with others. and being honest can also make us express ourselves freely and excitedly, which renders us enthusiastic. only when people treat each other frankly and honestly, can they build a trustworthy relationship from the bottom of heart and get along well. in addition, responsibility is another one everybody should equip with, especially when others are in trouble. the sense of responsibility and accountability strengthen the relationship between people, which can pose great security and safety to others.

above all, getting along well with each other will exert great influence on our lives and trying to embrace honesty, responsibility and kindness is of great importance forever.


smart phones are an indispensable part of our daily life now. listening to songs, watching science fiction films, playing mobile games, navigating in a strange city, taking various online courses… with a small smart phone, there are many things we can do killing spare time and making life easy and enjoyable. with a smart phone connected to the internet, many challenges set by time and space can finally be overcame. but just as a coin has two sides. despite all the benefits brought by the gadget, we can not ignore the potential bad effects caused by smart phones. long-term heavy use of them can be harmful to both physical and mental health. besides, discusses about privacy disclosures never lack attention.

to sum up, we should use smart phones in a proper way. only then can they bring convenience rather than troubles for us.




a: hey, mona, i just heard that lucy went through an small operation yesterday and is now in the hospital.

b: yes, i’ve heard that too. actually, i’m planing to take a visit to her.

a: count me in! when do you plan to go?

b: well, i had intended to visit her tomorrow morning, but the meeting with my mentor this week was suddenly set to that time. so, i’m thinking maybe tomorrow afternoon. are you available then?

a: tomorrow afternoon? yeah, that’s fine with me.

b: that’s nice! what gifts should we bring?

a: how about a bunch of flowers? beautiful flowers can bring people good mood which is good for the patient’s recovery.

b: good idea! and let’s also some take some fresh fruits for the patient.

a: yeah, you are right! let’s meet at the school gate at 1p.m. tomorrow afternoon and take the 101 bus to the hospital.

b: ok, see you then!

【第四场】summer vacation plan

candidate a: welcome to china for the summer vacation. i have been looking forward to your arrival for a long time.

candidate b: i’m glad to be here, because china is one of the places i really want to go. during my gap year, i have visited many places, but the place i want to visit most is your hometown.

candidate a: wow, the gap year is a meaningful experience and it’s really an honor to be part of your gap year plan. now that you’ve come, i’ll show you around. do you know much about this city?are there any places of interest you want to visit?

candidate b: actually, i only know the forbidden city and the great wall. are there any activities you would recommend?

candidate a: the forbidden city is a very good choice, and we can arrange it into our schedule. besides, i also recommend going to xiangshan, because the natural environment there is very beautiful.

candidate b: wow, i’d love to. i love the natural scenery and i can hardly wait to go there.

candidate a: glad you like it. well, let’s make a detailed schedule first.



a: hi, robert, how are you doing these days?

b: well, i’ve been a little busy lately preparing the teach-in on the silk road.

a: wow, that’s cool! how is everything going?

b: it’s not a easy job, i must say. actually, i’m perplexed by several issues which are brought by the limited budget. first is the venue. the five-star hotel i planned to choose is no longer available and i’m afraid if i can find another good place for the event in such a short time.

a: well, i remember yesterday when i browsed the local newspaper, i saw an advertisement of a book store open for bushiness. it has a big fancy lobby which is pretty good for the event and the price is reasonable.

b: that would be great! i’ll try to get in touch with the manager and talk to him. by the way, could you do me a favor to send this invitation to professor lee in your university? he is the authority of the subject, and we all hope he can come to the event to give a lecture.

a: no problem. he is also my idol and his lectures are very popular among us students.

b: that would be very nice of you! the event is scheduled to be held in december 12th. i will save you several entrance tickets for you and your friends!

a: ha ha thank you!

candidate b: ok, let’s get started.

【第七场】hold a debate competition

本场口语考试讨论的主题为“hold a debate competition”,讨论的是组织一场关于整容的辩论赛

candidate a: the school debate season is just around the corner. do you know the theme of this year’s debate?

candidate b: yes, i know. the theme of this year’s debate is “plastic surgery”. the time, place and participants have not been decided yet. we need to discuss these issues.

candidate a: it is not difficult to choose a venue. as usual, the debate will be held in yifu building auditorium. as far as time is concerned, i think either this weekend or the weekend after next will do. as for the participants, we need to make a detailed list.

candidate b: well, let’s schedule it for the next weekend so that the contestants have enough time to prepare. we have the preliminary list of applicants already. let’s sift through them.

candidate a: ok. we also need to consider “how to judge the performance of the contestants”?

candidate b: we will invite some professional judges and they will make professional judgments based on the performance of the contestants.

candidate a: that’s good. so, the basic plan is there.

candidate b: yeah. let’s look forward to the wonderful performances of the contestants.




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