1.where can i check in ?在哪儿办理登记手续
2.where can i go for help ? 我该怎么办呢
3.it’s been a long time .好久不见了
4.i’m under a lot of pressure 我的压力很大
5.it’s only a matter of time 这只是时间问题
6.i’m crazy about english 我非常喜欢英语
7.i’ll keep my eyes open.我会留意的
8.long time no see. 好久不见
9.dinner is on me 晚饭我请客
10.i owe you one. 我欠你一

11.it’s very popular 它很受欢迎
12.there’s a possibility 有这个可能
13.i want to report a theft 我要报一宗盗窃案
14.i want to reserve a room 我想预订一个房间
15.i thought so,too. 我也这样以为
16.i suppose so .我想是这样
17.could you speak slower?你能说得慢一点吗?
18.could you take a picture for me? 你能帮我拍照吗?
19.this soup tastes great 这个汤非常美味
20.i’ll keep that in mind 我会记住的
21.we are in the same boat 我们的处境相同
22.i have’t the slightest idea 我一点儿都不知道

.take your time 慢慢来
24.i’m sorry to hear that 听到这个消息我感到遗憾
25.it’s hard to say 很难说
26.i’ll have to see about that 这事儿我得想一想再定
27.let’s get to the point 让我们言归正传
28.let’s get to together sometime 有时间我们聚一下吧
29.i’ll pick up the tab 我来付账
30.i’m give you a hand 我为帮助你
31.may i ask you a question?我可以问一个问题吗?
32.where are you going ?你去哪儿?
33.i’ll walk you to the door 我送你到门口
34.i’ll show you 我指给你看
35.i’ll take your advice 我

36.what’s on your mind? 你在想什么呢?
37.something’s come up 发生了一些事
38.easy come,easy go 来得容易,去得快
39.that’s ok 可能
40.take care 请多保重


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