could you be any more vague?
2. well, that sounds vague.
3. adverse external conditions.
4. and during heavy rain or other adverse weather events.
5. this drug is known to have adverse

side effects.
6. i think i was a little too harsh on you.
7. don’t make it sound harsh. it’s wisdom.
8. a hasty decision, which is a quick or premature decision.
9. we were a little premature on that one.
10. well, that announcement was a bit premature.
11. such a trite question.
12. that might sound trite.
13. this might sound a little weird and crazy.
14. only ladies are eligible.
15. there are so many eligible men here.
16. discretion is essential.
17. to be used at your discretion.
18. a very sensible decision.
19. you are a sensible woman.
20. money is just a concept.
21. what an amazing concept!
22. what if this doesn’t

work out?
23. i work out at the gym most days.
24. well, that didn’t exactly pan out.
25. but it hasn’t panned out that way.
26. they may well

regret the decision in years to come.
27. don’t you think you’re being slightly melodramatic?
28. that’s a little melodramatic, don’t you think?
29. you know i would never do that. – you’re turning over a new leaf.
30. well, i have turned over a new leaf.


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