1. he has a large income. 他有很高的收入。
2. he looks very healthy.



. he paused for a reply. 他停下来等着?回答。
4. he repaired his house. 他修理了他的房子。
5. he suggested a picnic. 他建议搞一次野餐。
6. here`s a gift for you. 这里有个礼物送给你。
7. how much does it cost? 多少钱?
8. i caught the last bus. 我赶上了最后一班车。
9. i could hardly speak. 我简直说不出话来。
10. i`ll have to try that. 我得试试这么做。
11. i`m very proud of you. 我为你感到非常骄傲。
12. it doesn`t make sense. 这没有意义(不合常理)。
13. make yourself at home. 请不要拘礼。
14. my car needs washing. 我的车需要洗一洗。
15. none of your business! 与你无关!
16. not a sound was heard. 一点声音也没有。
17. that`s always the case. 习以为常了。
18. the road divides here. 这条路在这里分岔。
19. those are watermelons. 那些是西瓜。
20. what a nice day it is! 今天天气真好!
21. what`s wrong with you? 你哪里不对劲?
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