that rings a bell. 我总算想起来了。
that sounds like a good idea. 那听上去是个好主意。
that’s all right. 没关系。
that’s disgusting. 真讨厌。
that’s fair. 那样公平。
that’s for sure. 那是肯定的。
that’s good to know. 幸好知道了这件事。
that’s just what i was thinking. 我也是这么想的。
that’s life. 这就是生活。
that’s more like it. 那样才像话。
that’s not a problem. 那没问题。
that’s not true. 那是不对的!
that’s ok. 可以。
that’s ridiculous. 那太荒唐了。
that’s the way i look at it, too. 我也是这么想。
that’s the way it is.

that’s worthwhile. 那是值得的。
the same to you. 你也一样。
the shortest answer is doing. 最简短的回答是干。

sooner, the better. 愈快愈好。
there is a call for you. 有你的电话。
there is no doubt about it. 那是毫无疑问的。
there is

nothing i can do. 我无能为力。
there’s a possibility. 有这个可能。


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