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left: -9999px; top: -9999px;”>康宁小学英语口语社团?smile

<h3>我们的理念:the sun english, and the sun life (阳光英语,阳光生活。)</h3><h3>我们的目的:let the voice of english ring everywhere in the kangning primary school(讲一口流利的口语,让英语之声响彻康宁小学的每个角落)</h3><h3><br></h3> <h3>english is a beautiful language.</h3><h3>we love english.</h3><h3>we know. there is no end to learn.</h3><h3>we will live and learn.</h3> <h3>they are lovely children in year three.</h3> <h3>they are singing songs . </h3> <h3>finger family</h3> <h3>they sing and dance.</h3> <h3>these are beautiful girls.</h3> <h3>jingle bell.</h3> <h3>  jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way.</h3> <h3>happy every day.</h3> <h3>happy new year!</h3> <h3>dear children. interesting is the best teacher.</h3> <h3>learning english is fun.our show was so successful,parents



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